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Boston Marathon Explosion Aftermath: Health Effects

Boston Marathon Explosion Aftermath: Health Effects

More or less we all watch and enjoy sports. And if you are a great fan of a certain sports, you will not miss a big event. Even if you pass a busy day, you will sit in front of TV or go to stadium or place where the events or match take place to cheer for your team or player. It gives us refreshment and breaks our monotony. When your favourite team or player wins, you enjoy the moment and celebrate it. When your favourite team or player win loses, you become sad, sometimes you cry. In a marathon competition, when players are about to reach the finishing line, all become excited to see who will be the winner. They forget about all other things and concentrate on the racing track. When players reach the finishing line, we can know who take the 1st or 2nd place. It is usual scene of sport. Could you even imagine in your dream that finishing line could be the end of some people’s life? Did you ever think that we are going to witness such a terrible thing on live TV? Still we can’t believe it. It’s really shocking.

2013 Boston Marathon which was the 117th edition of the mass-participation marathon took place in Boston, Massachusetts on April 15, 2013. During the event two bombs exploded those were placed near the finish line, along Boylston Street. 3 people killed and more than 180 people injured (till now). But reason of the blasts were not initially known.

Boston Marathon Explosion Aftermath: Health Effects

In Boston marathon bombing some victims suffered, shrapnel wounds, lower leg injuries and ruptured eardrums caused by the shock waves of the explosions. Some had severed limbs. Burns and fractures were common. There were victims who lost one or both legs. Few people found unconscious. Victims were taken to local hospitals. Ten local hospitals treated them. It was reported that At least 15 of the injured were in critical condition on April 16.

Important Health Effects

An explosion like Boston marathon bombing also causes severe internal injuries to organs. Blast injury is a complex injury and it’s very difficult to treat. Patient have experience a trauma from a bullet or a knife or fire or all at same time. Patient may have to suffer disruption of brain function without any physical finding. Sometimes victim have internal injuries even without any obvious bleeding.

Bomb causes a lot of damage on the spot. But this type of bomb may also cause some health effects later. For example eye injuries and abdominal injuries can cause symptoms and even fatalities hours to months after the event, though may not be apparent initially.

Boston Marathon Explosion Aftermath: Health Effects

Psychological effects are common in attack survivors this type of big explosion. But, most symptoms diminish with time. Patient’s near ones should be conscious and may take help from mental health professionals.

We pray that all victims recover soon.

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